20th Annual Conference is Feb. 27, 2016


A hearty thank you to the 700+ men that braved Saturday's weather to join us at the 19th Annual In the Father's Footsteps! Your comments about the day - once you made it to the conference - were very positive and greatly appreciated. We can't thank you enough for getting out in that mess and driving to Norman! Special kudos to the guys that drove from outside the OKC metro area. For those men who were unable to join us that day, know that you were missed and that we'll be reaching out to you directly as we consider ways to share the best of the conference with you. READ MORE

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Profiles in Discipleship
Archdiocesan Video Series Shared With Young Men
at 19th Annual Men's Conference

Avery went through the motions with his faith for a long time. But in a moment of tragedy, he decided to take a step forward with God. Nothing has been the same since.

For Madeline Mahoney, religion was just a grade in school. She lost interest in her faith after high school. She sought fame, fortune and an exciting life as an actress, but it still left her empty. Happiness came from an entirely unexpected source.

2015 Speakers

The 19th annual Oklahoma Catholic Men’s Conference is right around the corner. Get ready for a fantastic day of inspiration, fellowship and food for the soul. We look forward to seeing you there!


Catholic Author and Activist, 
Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center



Catholic Broadcaster, Journalist and Author. Former Evangelical Pastor. President and CEO of Ave Maria Radio


Founder and President of
“Catholics Come Home” and Virtue Media, Inc.


Executive Director of the Theology of the Body Institute and Founder of
Joy-Filled Marriage NJ