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Dr. Kevin Vost

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Battle Plans for Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins

OFFICIAL BIO: Dr. Kevin Vost, in his own words, is by training, vocation and avocation a psychologist, disability adjudication administrator, former college professor, American Mensa Research Review Committee member, weightlifting instructor, competitive powerlifter, Highland Games Heavy Events competitor, church lector and fast food fries and drinks man (a few decades back). Dr. Vost was raised Catholic, turned atheist for a brief spell of almost two-and-a-half decades then returned to Christ and His Church and now writes for four Catholic publishers.

Dr. Vost is a frequent contributor on radio and in live speaking engagements to spread the Good News of the gospels and the Catholic Church, in particular – how it embodies the fullness of truth, synthesizing and perfecting along the way the graces of reason and faith and of the Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian heritages.